Taking Care of your Elderly Family Member

Caring for your elderly family member is not an easy task to do. That is why we should always treasure the efforts and care that our family caregivers are showing and offering to us all the time. They earn their job title because of their love and support to the elderly people.


There are several ways caregivers are generally doing their job carefully:


First Time to Assist

As what I have discovered, caregiving can begin with an elderly neighbour who needed your assistance just in case. This kind of assistance can turn to a stint of elder care and then to the extent to your own family members. It could be the beginning of another journey of your life as a caregiver for elderly people. The knowledge that have helped you understand the elders even more would also help you take better care of yourself more than you could ever do. In my caregiving years, I started at a time when my family caregiving was not big news yet. You just have to do what you can do and there wasn’t great deal of support to handle than the things you can do, either official or casual.


In Times of Crisis

I have reached the time when my family is in the verge of handling the heavy problems that we have encountered which is in fact involving family caregiving. My father had been confined with instant dementia and the event turned emotional and it was devastating to witness and to know as a family. But to me, it didn’t change my caregiving career and situation at that moment at all. My father’s terrible outcome from the surgery just immersed me deeper into my role of giving instant care to him and to the rest of my family. Many people nowadays are just living their lives, working their jobs, raising their children and visiting hospitalised relative from time to time when uncertain things would happen. Caregivers experiencing these crisis events hit the graduate level of caregiving before they even have a chance to do undergraduate study. You should always prepare yourself to the things that will happen in the future particularly with the career you have chosen as a caregiver, for others and to your family as well. No matter how you entered into your caregiving role, you will have to make changes in your life.


Family Caregiving and the Government

Today, there are various government sectors, private and other professionals who recognised family caregiving. It has ramped up efforts to help family caregivers to do their job well. For me, I find this very significant because of my current situation with my family’s needs. I really do believe that there is help out there if you do what you’ve got to do. You just have to begin to plan if you are not going to undermine your own health while you are busy taking care for others.


Set Up Boundaries Before It Is Too Late

It is part of being a family caregiver to set boundaries. It has never come naturally to me at first when it comes to the people I love but I come to realize that it is necessary to have boundaries because you are dealing with emotion and physical health in both ways. Healthy emotional boundaries are important in helping the caregiver distinguish between his or her own needs and the needs of the person being cared for. Aside from that, boundaries can help you remind that you as a person and your loved one is in good relationship and there need to be expectations of mutual respect and autonomy for the relationship to be successful. Set boundaries and make them clear.


For my overall conclusion about family caregiving, you should need to look inward to yourself as much as outward to your loved one in order for you to be successful in the career or path you have chosen for yourself and for your future.

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Medical Care and Services for the Elderly in Dorchester

When you get old and you are starting to feel various diseases such as hearing and eye problems, you need to take medication in various forms. The most common medicinal type is to swallow them and allow them to be absorbed through digestive system and into the bloodstream.


But you should also know that medications may also be injected into a muscle or it can also be infused through the vein or administered topically to the skin, to your nasal cavity, oral and it can be even in your ear cavity for possible reason.


Other medications are inhaled as well regardless of the method of administration it will be applied. Some and not all medications end up circulating in the bloodstream. This often results in chemicals circulating in the bloodstream as long as the medication is being taken.


Oversight and administration of medications by a responsible person like your family member or your caregiver is an extremely important duty for your elderly care and medical services. There are herbal supplements that may interact or interfere with prescription drugs such as:


  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Ginseng
  • Yohimbine
  • Senna or Cascara
  • John’s Wart
  • Saw Palmetto

These are the common herbal prescriptions that professional doctors may offer to their patients if the disease is not that critical. There is also number of prescription drugs that should be avoided for the sake of the elderly. The elderly person or a responsible family member should always consult with the doctor and asked that doctor if he or she is sure that the medication is safe for an older person. Without the proper feedback, under-dosage or over-dosage might occur and effective treatment of the condition is not possible. And of course over-dosage may cause more severe problems than the condition being treated. The family member or the caregiver should always be careful on what medicine to give to the elderly.


Using the Internet for Elderly Medical Care

According to most research, 19 percent of all internet users often use the Internet for healthcare information and the other percentage is to search for information related to health care. The Internet can be used for good reasons particularly to help the caregiver look for proper medicine services for their elderly. The Internet is now a major new source of information for the public to research health care issues and information. Here are some ways in which people in Dorchester are using the Internet for the health of their elderly:


  1. They use the internet to educate themselves in medical vocabulary and other terms.
  2. There are thousands of sites that you can use for the research and to understand medical conditions and how they are treated properly and manageably.
  3. Internet is used to gather and read new information that is being posted daily in order to help people research new treatment options for their elderly care.
  4. Hours of research and study empower individuals and allow them to confidently discuss medical issues with their doctors.


If you want to know more about the complete information that is critical for the treatment of your elderly, feel free to comment below of your thoughts and if you have additional ideas about the medical care and services for the elderly in Dorchester to be included in our next topic!

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Top Tips in Finding the Right Kind of Care for Elderly Parents


There are many types of disease that most of our elderly parents are experiencing as of this moment. We, as the caregiver, it is our duty to take care of them and make them feel like normal so that they won’t give up on their lives. Like the dementia problem, the patient who has any disease requires a high quality of care from their family members and with their caregiver. For older patients, the right elder care can certainly make a difference when it comes different kinds of disease of older people.


We can provide you with the steps that you or someone you know could use to help provide a patient with the best possible elderly health care in the comfort of their home or in the care center perhaps. Here are the things you need to know in order for you to find the right kind of elderly care from now on.


  1. You are their caregiver and it is your job to make sure that their life, even though they are suffering from a disease, you just make it simple and enjoyable for them. So here said you need to avoid doing a lot of things for them and is beyond their comfort zone. You need to make sure that they get plenty of rest, the right level of exercise and they also eat the proper foods for their healthy diet. You can also try adding some humour for good measure but not too much because there are diseases that too much laughter or giggling is not good for their health. It is not because that they have disease, that doesn’t mean that they have to stop living or enjoying life to the fullest as they have experienced before.


  1. As their caregiver, we should carry a calendar or other organizer wherever they would go to keep track on their appointments and other things to do that they are going to need to do throughout the day. It will make them happy that you are really attentive to them and to their needs as their caregiver.


  1. If they will let, you can hold or carry their earplugs with them when they would like to go outside the house. It is a good idea to carry around earplugs with them so that if they are out or at the doctor’s appointment, they can easily cut out significant portion of noise that really bothers them.


  1. Create and use a checklist in the house as part of your routine. Use it for your elderly care to make sure that any time they are going out they can be sure that they have everything that they need in check and prepared. It’s a way of keeping things intact and less time to worry.


  1. And the best thing you do as the caregiver is that you should keep daily tasks on the same day of the week. This is particularly with your personal task and not just a caregiver. When it comes to doing your personal works like laundry, you should always schedule it on a particular day when you think that there are no heavy tasks to do as a caregiver. Keeping these routines can be crucial for quality elder care but when you can do this, everything is okay.


For more details and information about elderly care, feel free to post your thoughts on the comment section and check out our next topic soon!



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Important Tips to Remember for Elderly Care in Dorchester


Taking care for your grandparents or for some elderly people as part of your career as a caregiver is never an easy task to do. A lot of trainings, emotional and physical effects and everything else is needed for you to surpass all the trials and the counterpart of being in the field of caregiving. I can clearly say this to all of you that caring for an elderly parent is definitely not easy to do especially if you don’t have the training and the guts to do the job. Depending on the circumstances when taking care of an elderly parent, it feels like you are taking care of a child.


On the positive side of it, it can be a very fulfilling task to help someone you love. If you are looking for some useful tips to support you with caring for an elderly parent, here are the things you need to know:


  1. Before doing anything for them, other elderly parents are not into the mood when doing the things for them. You should ask them first what are the foods they want to eat instead of choosing it for them. Aside from that, you can even ask them to write a shopping list that they would like you to prepare for them.


  1. When serving and taking care of them, you should never forget to listen to what they are saying or wanting to tell you from time to time. As a caregiver, listening is a very important skill. It is even more important when caring for elderly people as part of your career. Let them express their thoughts and pains with you and never get tired to listen to what they want to tell you.


  1. When taking care for your elder parent, aside from taking care of their personal necessities, you can also play with them like thought provoking games such as card games, dice games, board games and others. It will help them feel relaxed and you can also listen to them as they are conversing with you while playing.


  1. Instead of giving them what they need, you can also try take them out of the house especially if it is a nice day outside. That way they can have a break from being stuck inside the house and they can smell fresh air as well.


  1. Taking care of an elderly parent means you should also let them have their own special time and own space when needed. If they or if you are living with them, you make sure they have their own room so that they can rest well if they don’t have health complications. They also enjoy their own space just like everyone does.


  1. We found that elderly people enjoyed listening to things based on my experience as a caregiver. Let them listen to the radio, or an audio book, or have some TV time.


  1. The most important thing that you should consider when taking care of an elderly parent is to relate to their emotions. You should laugh with them and when they cry, you can cry or have sympathy with them if they need too.


For more important details in taking care for an elderly parent in Dorchester, feel free to comment below if you think we’ve missed out any tips and check out our blogs for more updates!

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